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yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE

yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE is an international practice for structure design of architecture, was founded by Yasuhiro Kaneda in 2014, and the headquarter in Copenhagen from 2019. We’ve been working with many architects world wise such as Paris based architect Tsuyoshi Tane/ ATTA, Japanese young architects VUILD architects who achieved to designed and built the first digital fabricated house in Japan, DDAA designs with very unique approach, Chile architect Matias Zegers who design a very beautiful house Hare Uniha IKA located in Easter Island, one of most active young Hong Kong architects collective LAAB architects, French architect Jean Nouvel for the shanghai museum Start Museum and more.

Yasuhiro Kaneda

Yasuhiro Kaneda is a Structurist who founded yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE in 2014.

He graduated from the Department of Architecture at Shibaura Institute of Technology University, and started working at a structural engineering office ASA established by the awarded structural engineer Akira Suzuki from 2007, and Yasuhiro was in charge of 80 projects in total from the conceptual phase to construction supervision. After 5 years of working in ASA, he moved to Paris to work at Bollinger + Grohmann, and was in charge of some projects such as École Centrale Paris designed by OMA and Jade Eco Park in Taiwan, and the Quai de la Moselle in France. In 2014, he started on his own farm called yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE in Paris and started designing for projects in Asian countries and collaborating with many different architects in the world. In 2015, he was selected for the Under 35 young architect exhibition in Osaka, he tried to exhibit only text to describe the architecture which he designed so far,  instead of usual expressions of architecture such as models, drawings, photos. He believes that the words Adolf Loos said '' Good architecture can be depicted by text but can't be drawn''. The exhibition was a success. In 2016, he moved to Hong Kong. In 2019, he was selected as one of the exhibitors for Japanese structural engineers exhibition in Tokyo. And that same year, he moved and opened his company in Copenhagen.

Our Design Philosophy

Our approach to architectural design has two different aspects. One is to use structural engineering skills which have been experienced from Japan and all over the world. Second is to think from the abstract meaning of STRUCTURE which is objective thinking and evaluating for the project, the meaning of the evaluating is based on describing, contextualizing, analyzing, categorizing, interpreting, solving the issues and conditions in the project.

We prefer to have a deep discussion with the collaborated architects from the beginning of the project to grasp the project very well. Since our thinking methods are based on the architectural education background, we have the same language as architects and an ability to understand the concept of architecture deeply and can give feedback to our structure design.

For most projects, we try to organize conditions of the specific project as much as possible and do it carefully with the architect. We believe that we can find one clear direction which it should be. Ideally saying, the structural system has to be found in the same process. We really try to avoid letting the structural system be separated from the essence of the architecture we should aim to. Therefore, the structural system never appears before the concept of architecture comes up in our projects.

Work Flow

Since 2014, we have been collaborating with the architects in different locations and projects have been located in France, Hong Kong, Chile, Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Latvia, Romania, U.S.A. In the beginning of starting designing an architecture in any country, we find a local engineer, in order to grasp the characteristics of designing conditions such as the structural material, construction technique limit, and regulation. And if it is required to submit the building permission, we make the calculation document in English to provide to the local engineer to understand the structural concept and system, and eventually the local engineer will submit the calculation to the government by the local language. And they can also support us to supervise the construction.

Design Fee

We will provide a quotation after the first meeting, the fee is based on the size, schedule, location, difficulty of the project. However, it is always negotiable.

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You are always welcome to apply to work with us! Full time, Part time, Intern and it can be remote work from any country.
Working conditions are always negotiable.
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